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Shaping Up with VLCC
December 20, 2015, 4:49 pm

Busy lifestyle, lack of physical activity, crash diets, weight fluctuations, etc. cause the accumulation of excessive body fats and unwanted inches around various parts of the body, including the hips and thighs region. To help you get slimmer, toned, firmer hips and thighs, VLCC - a leader in the wellness domain offers its innovative slimming solution – 3D Shape Up, an anti-cellulite treatment which combines the use of highly innovative technologies to achieve centimetre loss, skin tightening and fat reduction specifically around the hips and thighs area.

Cellulite is a specific form of fat accumulated under the skin surface. The prime reason for cellulite is the adipose tissues which become weak and deformed due to poor blood circulation causing it to swell with excess fat storage. Since cellulite is no ordinary fat, it needs special attention and will not disappear with routine exercises and dieting. Even thin people may have cellulite.

The 3D Shape Up treatment at VLCC, complimented by suitable dietary modifications and activity patterns, enhances blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The therapy stimulates collagen synthesis resulting in centimetre losses while resulting in firm and tight skin on the treated area. Prior to availing the treatment, each client meets an experienced consultant for a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) where they will be given complete details. Each treatment session lasts between 65-75 minutes and offers instantaneous results of about 300g and 4cm loss per session.

3D Shape Up is a five step treatment, a combination of appliance, ampule and therapy, creates an Ultrasound-like effect to detach the fat cells, stimulates metabolism, increases fluid elimination, speeding up the blood flow and producing energy by converting fats for muscle utilization. This treatment also helps in tightening the skin and collagen syntheses which is done by using radio frequency waves to cause the contraction of existing collagen fibres to promote new collagen growth which results in inch loss, fat breakdown, skin firming and tissue contraction.

Clients are also recommended to a 20-30 minute aerobics session for most effective results. Equipped with a home care kit that contains VLCC Shapeup Anti Cellulite Oil and Gel - a unique Ayurveda formulation, when applied on hips and thighs, it facilitates the peripheral circulation thereby increasing the blood supply, oxygen and nutrient flow to the specific body parts. The formulation being rich in vitamins and minerals helps in breaking down the fat and cholesterol. The entire anti-cellulite treatment is conducted by an experienced slimming therapist or a physiotherapist.

VLCC is a leading wellness brand in the Middle East and South Asia, renowned for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. With a staff strength of nearly 6000, over two-third of whom are experienced specialists including medical doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, cosmetologists and physiotherapists and having served over 10 million customers since its inception, VLCC is the largest and most-preferred brand in the Wellness domain in the countries it operates in.

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