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Shapie – 3D portraiture comes to Kuwait
July 16, 2015, 3:47 pm

The Arraya Shopping Centre in Kuwait witnessed a large gathering of interested visitors as 3D Utopia introduced the first 3D printing services in Kuwait. In association with Artec 3D, a global market leader in 3D scanners, 3D Utopia unveiled the unique Artec 3D Shapify Booth, 3D-body scanning and 3D-portrait making automated machine at the Arraya Shopping Centre on Wednesday, 15 July. 

In a bid to help customers experience 3D technologies firsthand in a way that is easy, fun and affordable, visitors were invited to try this ground-breaking technology and create their own 3D portraits at the official launch. Four wide view high resolution 3D scanners, which rotate around the customer, built-in lighting system, a high speed processor and 3D modeling software come together in the 3D Shapify booth. The customer is scanned in only 12 seconds and 5 minutes later a detailed 3D model is printed out automatically on a special 3D printer. The result is a full-color, mini-me figure called a Shapie.

The 3D Shapify booth offers a unique way of capturing life’s most important milestones like graduations, marriages and pregnancies in the form of a ‘shapie’ – a 3D portrait. A ‘shapie’ could prove to be a memorable gift or memento that captures your unique style and self-expression and could prove to be a new way to preserve and display our favorite memories in high quality and vivid color.

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