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Shampoo cocktailing
March 29, 2016, 2:35 pm

For many women, settling for one beauty product is just not their style. Women have many needs when it comes to their beauty routines, so they can’t limit themselves to one solution. This is especially true with their hair. With so many things working against it — humidity, hair dye, heat — women need to make sure their hair is getting the right nourishment. And, sometimes that means getting some goodness from more than one source. That means trying shampoo cocktailing. Find out why and how you should be doing it.

The ‘Why’

Every shampoo has a purpose, whether it be to clarify, moisturize, protect or simply nourish, each bottle offers a tailored benefit, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be reaping more than one of these positives. The mixing of shampoos is very good for your hair, especially if you wash your hair less frequently as you should, say, twice a week or so. Doubling up on your formulas allows you to maximize your lather and pack your hair with the ingredients it needs to stay healthy and manageable.

The “How”

Start with a clarifying shampoo that will thoroughly clean and freshen up your scalp and prep it for your targeted formula. It is best to really work it into your roots, as this is where you get a lot of product and oil build-up. Once you have rinsed, work the next formula of your choice into your hair. This can be specially targeted to your hair’s specific needs (color-enhancing, moisturizing or anti-breakage). Just, lather, rinse and your hair is ready. 

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