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Shalom School of Dance conducted the first dance show
February 1, 2014, 2:20 pm
Shalom School of Dance conducted the first dance show, Night of Natya-2014. It includes the Bharathanatyam Arangetram of 7 students. The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honor of the event were Dr.Suzanne Al-Bustan, Associate Professor of Kuwait University and Ms. Mahalakshmi S., Malayalam cine artist respectively. The Night of Natya was choreographed by Mrs. Babitha Annice George and took place at Al-Jowhara Al-Ahlia School, Riggai. The historical show started with a prayer song and prayer by Fr. Shyju.P.Mathai. Welcome Speech was delivered by the Programme Convener Mr. Laiju.P.Isaac followed by lighting the lamp by Dr.Suzanne Al-Bustan, Ms.Mahalakshmi S., Fr. Shyju.P.Mathai, Parents Committee representative Mr. Jacob Koshy and finally the Director, Mrs. Babitha George along with the Programme Convener Mr. Laiju.P.Isaac. Dr.Suzanne congratulated all the performers and the teacher for conducting the event. Ms.Mahalakshmi also praised the teacher for choosing the name “Night of Natya” for the event. A souvenir was released to mark the occasion and the souvenir stood marvelous. The meeting was concluded by vote of thanks by the teacher Mrs. Babitha George.
Night of Natya was blessed by the presence of Kuwaiti nationalities. They enjoyed the show and appreciated all the efforts behind ‘Night of Natya’. The show was well coordinated with an innovative presentation taking the spectators through the past years of the School, introduction of the Arangetram Students and Performing artist. The dance extravaganza concluded with memento distribution to the 7 stars of the evening and medals for those who entertained the audience. The show was truly magnificent which indeed was a treat to the Eyes.
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