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Shake Shack introduces the new frozen custards blended with New York cheesecake
June 26, 2016, 2:06 pm

Cool off this summer at your local Shake Shack® with their newest frozen custard treats! Available at all of their locations across the region, Shake Shack® will have their all new cheesecake concretes in store for a limited time only.

Shake Shack’s signature frozen custard brings together rich, dense and a creamy texture to ice cream that is filled with fantastic flavours. The new ranges of frozen custards have been blended with three cheesecake flavours for a limited-time only: Double Chocolate Cheesecake (chocolate frozen, Shack fudge sauce, cheesecake and Valrhona pearls) Strawberry Cheesecake Swirl (Vanilla frozen custard, strawberry puree, cheesecake and rainbow sprinkles); and Caramel Cheesecake Crunch (Vanilla frozen custard, chocolate toffee, cheesecake and caramel sauce).

Our recipes use only real sugar, no corn syrup, and milk from farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. Frozen custard is featured in Shake Shack’s signature hand-spun concretes (frozen custard blended at high speed with mix-ins); you can make your own or choose from a selection of signature concretes. Each Shack features a selection of location-specific concretes.

The menu includes Shake Shack’s signature vanilla and chocolate frozen custard as well as seven signature hand-spun shakes (vanilla, chocolate, caramel, black & white, strawberry, peanut butter and coffee Fair Shake). And we’re not stopping there! Every Shack offers a monthly custard calendar featuring a new flavor each week.

For more information, including a list of all Shake Shack locations around the world, please visit:

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