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Shahrayar – a taste of Persia
December 27, 2015, 9:32 am

This is simply a five-star experience in every way. The décor is a tribute to the triumph of Persian designs with intricate carvings, lattice work and beautiful hanging lanterns, so it is of no surprise that the moment you enter your eyes are arrested by the beauty of the artifacts.

The pleasures of Persia are incorporated into every dimension of your dining experience. Shahrayarprovides its customers with three main sets of menus.

Set menu A consists of cold and hot mezza, which includes Borhanibadenjan (eggplant), borhani spinach, mast mosser (laban-garlic),aladfasl with lemon dressing, Mirzaqusmi (eggplant puree) and kokosabzi (Iranian omelet). For main course, there is the Iranian mixed grill which is a combination ofminced meat kofta, minced chicken kofta, beef kebab, lamb chops and chicken kebab, served withIranian rice,zereshkpolow and delicioustraditional Iranian vegetable stews (bamiyeh&zabzi). For dessert, they have Faloudah and Bastanieh, their famous ice cream with sliced fruits.

Set menu B has cold and hot mezza as starters, but this includes a combination of Borhani spinach, salad adas (lentil-rice), borhanibadenjan (eggplant), salad sherazi with lemon dressing, Kashekbadenjankubeideh (fried eggplant) and kuku –gol-ekalam (Cauliflower omelet). In their main course, they have Iranian seafood mixed grill, which is a trio of hammour, zubeidiand shrimps marinated with saffron and onions, served with Iranian rice and delicious traditional Iranian vegetable stews (bamiyehandzabzi). For dessert they have the same Faloudah and Bastanieh, along withfeerini, karem E Zaferan and sliced seasonal fruits.

Set menu C has cold andhot mezza, which includes salad maygu (prawns), borhanibadenjan (eggplant), borhani spinach, mast kahyar (Yogurt, cucumber, mint), salad olivieh, Mirzaqusmi (eggplant), ash rashteh (chick peas medley), kokosabzi (Iranian omelet) and Del gigar (sautéed lamb liver). For main course they have the Iranian mixed grill with a combination of meat and seafood, which includes, minced meat kofta, minced chicken kofta, beef kebab, chicken kebab, lamb chops, hammour, zubeidiand shrimps. It is served with Iranian Rice (saffron, baghli (dill), zereshk) and traditional Iranian stews. For dessert, they have Faloudah and Bastanieh, along with feerini, karem E Zaferan and sliced seasonal fruits.

Shahrayar is located in the Sheraton Hotel and at The Grand Avenue – The Avenues. Prior reservations are required. For booking, call: 18355555.


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