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Shaastrotsav - Festival of Science to be held on 13 May
March 24, 2016, 1:44 pm
Rules and Regulations

NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Alumni Association (Kuwait Chapter) and proudly announce the Seventh Shaastrotsav - Festival of Science, the most popular science and technology event in Kuwait.

The seventh ‘Shaastrotsav - Festival of Science' which will be held on 13 May, 2016 will have various events and contests to encourage interest in mathematics, science and technology. Venue of the event will be announced before last week of March, 2016.

The main events are:

  • Inter-school Science Project & Exhibition contest.
  • Rubik's Cube solving contest for students (Open category)
  •  Science Project & Exhibition contest (Open category)
  • Mind over Matter' workshop for school students
  • Seminar/Show on ‘Mind over Matter'-Inner Game of Leadership, for the Public

Inter-school Science Project & Exhibition contest will be held in Junior & Senior categories (Junior- Class 5, 6, 7 and 8. Senior - Class 9, 10, 11 and 12).

Gifts and certificates will be awarded for the best 3 teams in each category.

Those who are interested please send an email attaching a brief write-up of the Project/Exhibit you are planning to do, to the following email Id: on or before 28 March 2016.

The phone number is given for the same: 55201864

Those who are interested in open category please see the following for more details.

Science & Technology Project & Exhibition – Open Category

A science & Technology project & exhibition contest for individuals or teams consisting of a maximum of 3 members, who are not in any school team, participating in the science exhibition contest for schools.

Rules and Regulations

• Team shall not have more than three members of which, not more than 1 shall be an adult.
• Synopsis of the project shall be submitted to the organizers on or before 15 April, 2016. Only those projects approved by Shaastrotsav organizing team after evaluating the synopsis will be allowed to participate in the Open Category of Exhibition contest.
• Synopsis shall be sent to
• The science projects/exhibits could be related to any area of science.
• Project/exhibit must be a working model.
• Projects must represent original work done by the participating individual or team.
• Commercially available off-the shelf models or exhibits other than what is an integral part of home-built apparatus will not be allowed.
• Highly inflammable materials, any apparatus deemed unsafe, poisons, drugs, hazardous substances or devices are not allowed.
• Display of computer software will not be allowed unless the software is used to support an experiment or operation of an exhibit.
• One table and 2 chairs will be provided for each exhibit.

Prizes will be awarded to all members of the winning teams selected by a panel of judges. 

Rules and Regulations for Computer Animation & Rubik’s Cube Contest

Computer Animation

Shaastrotsav offers computer animation contest using animation software. The theme for this contest is 'Science & Technology'. Those who wish to participate in the contest must register before 31 March, 2016 through e-mail mentioning name, class, school and contact phone number. 'Animation Contest' must be written on the subject line of e-mail. Email must be sent to

Rules & Regulations

1. Students studying in 12th standard or below can participate in this contest.
2. Animation must be 2 minutes or shorter when played
3. Animation must be original work created by the contestant that has not been featured in any other website / movies or commercially available product.
4. Music, sound samples, text, or images can be used in the animation. These components need not be originally created by the contestant.
5. There is no template for animation for this contest. Use your own imagination and create with your own idea.
6. Obscene, offensive or controversial subject matter must not be present in the animation.
7. Contestant must present the animation in front of a panel of judges during Shaastrotsav – Festival of Science on 13 May, 2016.
8. Contestant must be able to answer various steps involved in creating the animation.
9. Animation file format can be AVI / MPEG / MKV or any format that can be played using VLC media player or Windows Media Player.

Judgment criteria

1. Artistic style
2. Quality of animation and Performance
3. Theme

Prizes will be awarded to best three contestants.

Rubik’s Cube Solving Contest (Cubing)

Shaastrotsav provides an excellent opportunity to showcase ones Rubik’s cube solving talent. Shaastrotsav cubing contest, is the only one Rubik’s cube solving competition in Kuwait.
Those who wish to participate in the cubing contest must register before 31 March, 2016 through e-mail mentioning name, class, school and contact phone number. 'Shaastrotsav Cubing Contest' must be written on the subject line of email. Mail must be sent to

Rules & Regulations

1. Students studying in 12th standard or below, can participate in this contest.
2. Participants shall bring their own 3X3X3 Rubik’s cube. The Rubik’s cube to be used for the competition should be Standard Rubik’s Cube.
3. Stickerless cubes are not allowed.
4. There will be screening round to filter the finalists (The number of finalists shall be decided by the organizers depending on the total number of participants).
5. Registered candidate will be intimated on timing and location 2 days prior to the contest.
6. Decision of the Rubik cube judge will be final.

Judgment criteria

1. A preliminary elimination round with timing as decided by Rubik’s Cube Judge.
2. Each participant in the final round will have to solve the 3X3X3 Rubik’s cube three times in front of judges and the average time for the three attempts will be calculated.

Prizes will be awarded to best three contestants with shortest average time taken for solving the cube

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