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Sensational sweatpants
August 29, 2015, 5:18 pm

Considering the continuing athletic trend, sweatpants are making their way back on the fashion radar. And you don’t have to fret, if you follow these style tips you can wear them fashionably. The goal is to wear your sweatpants without actually looking like you are wearing relaxing wear. With the right pieces, you can appropriately rock the workout wear to dinner, a party and yes, even to work because in fashion, anything is possible.

Choosing sweatpants: When it comes to choosing the style that is right for you, look to relaxed, yet form-fitting silhouettes that aren't frumpy, as well as details that accentuate your personal style. You want each pair of sweats to feel like an extension of your wardrobe, not just pajama pants you have thrown on underneath your regular clothes.

Take a polished approach: You can sneak in sweatpants into your smart attire without looking lazy. Simply wear them with a classic blouse, a long sleeveless blazer to hide the waistband and a pair of high ankle booties to hide the ankle bands. No one will ever know your pants are sweats as you strut looking sophisticated. Anything bright or colorful will make you look too collegiate. You can still embrace those lazy mornings in a lounge style, if you keep your sweats muted in color, as they can look sharp.

An embellished top also goes fantastic with sweatpants, as does studs, leather and prints do wonders to dress up your look.

Relax it down: For those who are not satisfied with just sweatpants, you can enjoy doing errands in a matching set, the sweat suit. Sweatsuits can be the epitome of athleisure chic, as long as you choose a modern cut and one with a tailored fit. Then, spruce it up with edgy accessories, like a belted backpack and super modern shades.

Master the weekend casual:  Keep your sweats casual by pairing them with a loose t-shirt or knit and a street sneaker. Top your look off with a leather moto jacket or tailored blazer to give your outfit some added structure. Or another way to go is to pair slouchy sweatpants with a button-down dress shirt and air jordans or perhaps, a bomber jacket and heels. Sweatpants can be as versatile as jeans, thanks to the flattering cuts, cool textures, and statement emblems.

If you are styling whimsical looking sweatpants, make sure your accessories are ultra-cool by playing with other aspects of your attire, like wear a matching or equally graphic top, trendy shoes, mirror shades, and a fedora or cap to cinch the casual but not lax look. Point being, your outfit should not look like you just rolled out of bed, rather your sweatpants must be the crucial element of your outfit.

Alternative choices: To give the illusion that you are not wearing sweats, find a pair that can pass for denim. Pair them with a leather tee, a choker necklace and a pair of booties for a look that can take you everywhere you want in your day.

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