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Senior Afghan official lauds Kuwait’s support to Afghanistan
July 7, 2018, 4:29 pm

Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Karzai visited Kuwait last week to meet with Kuwaiti officials and to further strengthen existing bilateral relations between the two countries. In his first-ever visit to Kuwait, Mr. Karzai reiterated his government’s gratitude to the Kuwaiti leadership for their support to Afghanistan during difficult times.

Elaborating on this, the Deputy FM said that during his visit he was keen to explore ways and means to further strengthen the relationship with Kuwait and was also seeking economic assistance from Kuwait in specific areas. In his extensive discussions with the Kuwait Fund, Mr. Karzai requested help in areas of energy, education and health, while the Kuwaiti side committed to sending a senior delegation shortly to Afghanistan to evaluate the potential.

Kuwait’s role in mediation was also sought during the visit by the deputy foreign minister. He added that as humanitarian leader of the world, H.H. the Amir’s wisdom was highly valued, and that Afghanistan looked forward to his intervention and contribution to peace efforts in the country.

Afghanistan has been a victim of an ongoing conflict that has lasted 40 years and more than a million lives have been lost. The peace process has gathered pace in recent months — with the Kabul Process held early this year and the follow-up Tashkent Declaration that involved several stakeholders — and it is hoped peace will soon come to the region.

The minister pointed out that a very extensive peace offer was made to the Taliban in the Kabul Process and in the Tashkent Conference, the objective of which was to further solidify the peace efforts and garner regional support for the peace process. He said countries understood in the Tashkent conference that the Afghan government had a definitive peace plan.

He added that in the past couple of years, all parties to the conflict have come to the realization that conflict cannot be solved through a military solution. As a consequence, the country has embarked on a very aggressive peace effort through regional consensus and engagement, internal consensus and Muslim nations involvement.

Admitting that there were still pockets of violence in the country, Mr. Karzai said that the recent ceasefire agreed between the warring parties last month is still holding. This has given hope that peace is possible in the near future. During his visit, Mr. Karzai also met with leaders of the Afghan community in Kuwait and took up issues they have in the country with the relevant Kuwaiti authorities.

- Staff report


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