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Senate Investiture Ceremony
May 28, 2014, 3:11 pm


The Senior Senete of ICSK formally assumed office after the investiture ceremony held at the ICSK Senior School auditorium on Monday,26th May 2014.The school senate was democratically elected after a colorful and long drawn campaign in the school campus.

The swearing -in ceremony was attended by numerous luminaries and invited guests.His Excellency Mr.C.A.H.M.Wijeratne ,The Ambassador of Sri Lanka  to Kuwait was the Chief guest of the Ceremonyb.ICSK board of trustees,the Honorary Vice Chairman Mr.Bobby .A.Mathew,the Honorary Secretary Mr. Vijay Karayil,Honorary Joint Secretary Mr.George Mathew, Mr.Joseph Panicker ,Mr.Ajay George , Mr. Manoj Mathew ,Parent Advisory council members,Dr.V.Binumon,the Principal of ICSK Senior school, the Vice Principal, teachers ,parents and the staff attended the ceremony that distinguished the leaders for the academic session 2014-15.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”This makes successful leaders with a spirit to overcome and tackle both success and setbacks with unwavering dedication.

Mrs .Mini Shaji Joseph  ,the Senate in-charge ,Welcomed the distinguished gathering.The ceremonious lighting of the traditional lamp by the Invited guests triggered the onset of the ceremony.The Chief guest,His Excellency Mr.Wijeratne,the Ambassador of Sri-Lanka  to Kuwait ,addressed the gathering with dew drops of appreciation and sparkling diamonds of wisdom.

He appreciated the respectful and humble manner of invitation personally administered by Dr. V.Binumon,The Principal, ICSK Senior School. Mr.Wijeratne recited a Sanskrit  sloka impregnated with deep wisdom that points to a good leader.He explained that a good leader should have an appealing appearance,an empathetic and kind heart,proper knowledge and right discrimination.

The vibrant speech filled with anecdotes and personal experiences enthralled and inspired the students and their new leaders.He also pointed out two very important factors essential  for a peaceful and successful life;the first is to give utmost regard to one's parents as they are the embodiment of God for children.

Every parent becomes happy on seeing the happiness and prosperity of their children, so one must never forget to hold these dear parents close to heart.His words of wisdom flowed on to the eager students as he further highlighted the importance of teachers in a human life.He urged the students to respect and value the teachers for a full flourished life ahead. A thunderous applause that followed denoted the positive impact of the power packed speech.

The Senate members were then invested with their badges of office followed by an oath taking administered by the Principal,Dr.V.Binimon.The ChiefGuest,Mr.C.A.H.M Wijeratne ,assisted by the Vice Principal Dr.Sam T Kuruvilla,invested the school President,sports captain and arts club secretary with badges of office.

The  Vice Chairman Mr.Bobby.A. Mathew delivered the Investiture message offering words of welcome to the Chief guest Mr.Wijeratne on behalf of the school and on behalf of the Indian Diaspora to Kuwait.He expressed his happiness on the fact that this important function was his maiden public appearance after assuming the office of the Honorary Vice Chairman of the ICSK board.Mr. Bobby.A. Mathew enumerated upon the important aspects of leadership. He advised the newly invested senate to utilize this opportunity as a good learning experience integrating the qualities of good leadership.

He enumerated upon the important requirements to be success full leaders .It was deftly pointed out that rock solid integrity,hardwork,teamspirit,emotional & moral stability,good listening skills,interpersonal relations are essential ingredients that go into the making of a perfect leader.He emphatically pointed out to the young leaders that", If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

"Following this quote by John .Q.Adams, The Vice Chairman reminded the students that "leaders grow and not made".The Senate members including the Vice Presidents,assistant captains ,house captains of the four houses named Satya,Seva,Shanti and Sahyog  along with the class prefects were administered the oath and invested with badges of office.

The Honorary secretary to ICSK Board Mr.Vijay Karayil addressed the young office bearers of the senate and reminded them that they should be role models to their Juniors both in action and behavior.He reminded all the students that their primary obligation should be to their parents who are instrumental in their success.Mr.Vijay Karayil presented a memento on behalf of the school  as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the Chief guest ,Mr.C.A.H.M.Wijeratne.

The newly invested Senate President  Master Allen Roy delivered the Vote of thanks to the invited guests,school faculty and the students.He promised to attempt the best to uphold the name and fame of the great institution in the days to come.Well enamored with the shining titles and proud responsibilities the newly  invested senate marched  out into the bright world confident to administer their duties well and diligently.

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