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May 15, 2016, 10:38 am

Created from a vision to bring the Lebanese way of life in the form of a restaurant, Semsom’s menu is both daring and traditional. From the modern décor that blends old with new and photos from Lebanon above the bar, to the outside seating with large cushioned chairs to enjoy the outdoor freshness, everywhere is a perfect spot to enjoy their delectable menu. Indulge in the Lebanese love for eggplant with a delicious eggplant sweet and sour, made with raisins and sprinkled with sesame seeds, or stick to the traditional with their baba ghannouj. All of the starters at Semsom lead to the main event: saj (a flatbread) platters with marinated chicken and steak, a special chicken with coriander and garlic or a variation of grilled meats, and an array of dough based oven baked dishes like kafta, lahm b’ajin and zaatar.

Popular dish: Grilled meat accompanied with cooked vegetables

Location: Arabella in Al Bida’a. Call 6002 2150

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