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Security grills long-absent Kuwaitis on return
September 14, 2017, 8:10 am

The Ministry of the Interior is currently interrogating all Kuwaitis who return to Kuwait after long stay overseas. The sources pointed out the security authorities at border crossing points have been instructed to apply the procedure on Kuwaitis and bedoun to identify reasons for their long absence and to ensure they were not involved in terrorist activities, particularly since it is a well-known fact some of them have spent time behind bars in the countries of their residence for various reasons.

One of the Kuwaitis who returned to the country after a 20-year absence said he holds the citizenship of a European country and was subsequently referred to the concerned authority.

The sources added, the security authorities after interrogating the ‘absentees’, get in touch with the countries they return from to double check on the information provided by them. The daily added, according to the security sources there are scores of Kuwaitis and bedoun who have not yet returned.

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