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Security bodies to complete 'fake doctor' investigations - MoI
July 17, 2017, 8:47 am

The Ministry of Interior (MoI)'s specialized security bodies are currently in the process of completing investigations of recent media claims regarding the "fake doctor" case, the MoI affirmed Sunday.

A Bengali national has impersonated his Kuwaiti sponsor, who happened to be a senior doctor at the Health Ministry, according to a social media item.

The ministry contacted the lawyer who posted the "fake doctor" story on the social media to verify the story's accuracy, the MoI said in a statement, adding that it received nor more than the same news post.

The information the ministry received from the lawyer did not include any evidence, documents, or proof as it also lacked accuracy in the authenticity of information and claims, it said.

It also affirmed that the lawyers' statement about providing the MoI with the Bengali's ID, authentic passport, and fake Kuwaiti passport was totally untrue.

If investigations find these claims to be false and fraud, specialized security bodies maintain its right to take the necessary legal procedures, MoI said.

Source: KUNA

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