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Secret to colored eyeliner
August 17, 2014, 10:57 am

Colored eyeliner can instantly update your look for summer, but many are intimidated by the bright shades and intricate shapes that you’re supposed to be tracing on your eyelids. If you are wondering how to navigate the world of colored eyeliner effectively, here are some colored liner tricks to ease your concerns about trying the look.

Try White or Silver: White liner is a fun and easy way to use a “color,” and can actually be really wearable. You can pop it on the inside of your waterline for a cool Mod, open-eyed look, or swipe it across the top lash line, even pretty thick and paired with a bright red lip – it’s super modern and gorgeous.

Silver is another underrated eye-opener! From a glistening pearly shade that's futuristic, to an unexpected slate that's a great alternative to black, this eyeliner is especially good for when out and about for dinner.

Start small: As a rule of thumb with colored liners, there are no rules. Think of your colored eyeliner as an accessory more than just makeup. You can keep the look relatively effortless— for example, a pretty cat eye or top liner is always going to look great in any color. While going too heavy with any liner will take the look too far, you can always start off simple and try a dash of a bright color on your water line to start.

Experiment galore: From pops of green on the outer edge of the eye, to a bottom lash line of blue, there’s a shade and a shape of colored eyeliner for everyone. One fab look that is often recommended is to line your under eye with heavy blue eyeliner for a great anytime look — day or night. To keep the focus on the bright blue, leave your top lash line without any color. Another great look is to give your eyes a boost of color by lining the top and bottom in a bright color like tangerine eyeliner, then tracing with black liner to make the look really pop.

It’s all about the brush: All fashionistas strive for that perfect cat eye, and the best way to get your angles even is to use a great brush. Since precision is the key, opt for a tiny pointed brush and use a gel or liquid liner.

Tilt back for your cat eye: Start at the inner corner of your eye with your head tilted back, looking down into the mirror. Start thin, right along the lash line, making sure there is no space between your lashes and the liner all the way until you reach the outer edge – then pull up and out. Go back over the outer corner, thickening it until you have the perfect wing. Then, go back in with a concealer brush and run it underneath the lowest part of the wing to clean up your line so it’s perfectly sharp.



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