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Sculpt your body to perfection
September 14, 2013, 5:17 pm

Women all want to look their best, but it is often not possible due to unsightly flab. Obesity is rising among the population due to unhealthy lifestyle, and people often find themselves at a loss of what to do to get rid of their excess body weight.

Obesity is caused due to the storage of fat that adds excess weight to the body. It often leads to various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and cancer. Many people turn to intense exercise and a healthy diet, sometimes even supplements and diet pills, to cast off the layers of fat. However, these methods are not for everyone. People at times require professional help to erase fat in order to combat obesity.

Body Sculpting is the latest trend in obesity management, now offered in Kuwait, and it uses a combination of tried and tested techniques. Ultrasonic Lipolysis with HIFU (France), Lipolift (US FDA approved), Endermology (Poland) and Mesotherapy (Spain). With these techniques combined into an effective body sculpting treatment, it is possible to lose 1-3 inches from fat heavy areas like the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs in an hour.

The process can be repeated for Face Sculpting, wherein a Bipolar radio Frequency (RF) with a Diode Laser is used effectively. This non surgical technique aims to repair skin damage caused by natural skin ageing. Women and men can have their skin issues fixed easily with this technique; it works on improving the skins elasticity, tonicity and complexion. The more obvious skin blemishes like acne, puffiness, double chin, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots and hyper pigmentation are erased for a fresher, more youthful appearance.

These treatments are regarded as superior to the usual plastic surgery treatments available. Body sculpting works directly on cellulite to facilitate smoother, cleaner skin and significantly reduce fat. The fat deposits that accumulate in visible areas are flushed out from the body, and do not reappear in other areas, which is the case with liposuction. If one was to choose Liposuction, they would find that it doesn’t treat cellulite. Moreover, it causes the existing cellulite to become more noticeable and unflattering. 

Body and Face Sculpting are amazing non surgical and completely safe treatments available in InstaSculpt, a special facility that deals with obesity issues. This new instant way of sculpting your body into perfection is sure to boost your self-esteem, mood and morale. You will look slimmer and fitter with no skin problems or worries, and the process is completely pain free.  

The most important advancement in the body shaping sector, second-generation French technology, Ultracontour is available in Kuwait. Based on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) this new technique will give you the shape that you have always wanted. Make a booking for a special offer which includes a free consultation and a BMI Checkup on 25730618 or 90997272. Avail of InstaSculpt’s special offers and learn how modern technology helps you look great.

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