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School curricula cleansed of extremist, sectarian material
September 17, 2015, 8:31 am
Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Bader Al-Issa during a tour of some schools

The Ministry of Education is keen on revamping school curricula, stripping them of any materials that might be construed as divisive, sectarian, extremist, or racist, said the Minister Dr. Bader Al-Essa on Wednesday. Not only that but the ministry incorporates the absolute respect for all religions and sects in its curricula, said the minister in a press statement as he made the rounds on some school districts prior to the start of the new school year.

Futhermore he indicated that any teacher who was found to be deviating from teaching tolerance, respect of all religions and sects would be held accountable and would be dealt with decisively by the ministry. This accountability would not only apply to those teachers in the school system but all to those in the University of Kuwait and the Public Authority for Applied Learning and Training, affirmed the minister.

With regard to innovations in the classrooms, Dr. Al-Essa said high school students as of next year will be able to use computer Tablets in the classwork, explaining that the tablets would contain the entire school curriculum, negating thus the need for carrying book bags and satchels. Pending that, he said, currently teachers were being trained on the use of the tablets in their work in preparation for next year. He assured the public that the school year was off to a good start with the vast majority of schools being well-poised to receiving the students with ease and fluidity.

In another development, Minister of Education Dr. Bader Al-Essa says the schools in Jahra area are full due to which the Bedoun students must seek admission in schools of other areas, reports Al-Rai daily.

During his second day of field visit to examine the preparations for the school year, the minister assured the employees of the educational zone that the main problems, which are likely to be faced in the new school year, are proper air-conditioning and cleanliness and these will be solved as soon as possible. Dr. Al-Essa affirmed that some schools require additional cleaners compared to other schools, adding that all these matters will be settled before the end of Eid Al-Adha holidays. And, the Ministry of Education has stopped receiving nominations for the vacant positions of director generals of two educational zones after the one-week registration period, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources.

They said six candidates had applied for the positions – Ahmad Al-Kandari, Mohammad Al- Zahamoul, Waleed Al-Saeed, Jassem Bu Hamad, Waleed Al- Ghaith and Dr. Mubarak Al-Otaibi. The sources revealed that the Administrative Affairs Department of the ministry is studying the names before submitting them to the Undersecretary of the ministry Dr. Haitham Al-Atari to arrange for the candidates’ interviews.

They explained that the interviews will be conducted next week for only one day during which two best candidates will be selected by a committee headed by the ministry’s Undersecretary and consisting of assistant undersecretaries.

Source: KUNA

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