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Savvy snake jewelry
July 2, 2014, 11:15 am

If you are a self-proclaimed accessory addict, it’s no surprise that you tend to follow accessory trends as thoroughly as a stockbroker studies the stock market. This season, snake inspired jewelry is changing the face of fashion jewelry. So if you are planning to buy sparkly and bright snake inspired jewelry this summer. Here are some tips for you to wear eye-catching snake inspired jewelry with your wardrobe for a quick and effortless ensemble.

Rules and guidelines snake inspired jewelry: A stand out piece looks best when styled with a simple outfit. Styling your go-to little black dress with various snake inspired jewelry from necklaces to bracelets is a fabulous way to add a trendy twist to an old classic.
Keep the rest of your jewelry simple, especially your earrings. You don’t want to look like a jewelry rack with too many attractive pieces thrown on without thought. By keeping your jewelry simple, you are letting the statement pieces speak for themselves.
If you have thick wrists, it is important not to opt for thick bracelets that emphasize it. 

When choosing a bright colored jewelry pieces, think of the colors that you wear the most frequently and purchase a necklace that will compliment your existing wardrobe.

Take care of your oversized necklaces on hangers to keep them from tangling, bending or breaking. This will keep your necklaces from sliding and clumping together.

Bright Colored snake inspired earrings: Bright colored earrings are fun accessories to add to your jewelry collection. Keep your make up simple and avoid crazy prints in your attire in order to let your statement piece speak for itself. If you’re experiencing a styling slump, refer to the color wheel to help inspire fun and unexpected combinations, like a yellow and purple combo outfit with purple earrings, which creates a complimentary color scheme.

Metallic Moment: If you’re nervous about pairing color with color, this is the type of statement snake jewelry for you. Whether you’re a silver or gold loving gal, there are hundreds of fabulous choices to help you pull off a metallic moment this summer. And the best part…they’re pretty much guaranteed to match every piece in your wardrobe. Throw your statement snake necklace under the collar of your button down top and place a thick colorful green snake bracelet on your wrist to add an extra dash of Fashiona to your bright summer outfits.


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