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Saudi to nationalise 69 professions in the retail sector
August 8, 2016, 8:32 am

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development is likely to nationalise around 69 professions in the retail sector and provide 9,000 jobs for nationals in the car retail segment within the next phase.

The move will include 2,228 retail establishments, 1,733 car dealerships, and 77 car agencies, according to Ibrahim Al-Shafi, director of the Guided Saudisation Program at the ministry.

Al-Shafi said the ministry is coordinating with the Ministry of Transport to apply the Guided Saudisation Program which will give out loans to Saudis wanting to enter the sector. It is also meant to limit competition from foreign workers, reported Arab News.

A 100 percent Saudisation rate will apply to nationals working with automobile firms in the country. The ministry is planning to do the same with the tourism sector in the kingdom. In March, it launched a program to Saudise all jobs in the telecom and maintenance sectors.

It gave firms a time span of three months to provide nationals with half the jobs at the companies and another three months to fully nationalise the segment.

The move is meant to provide Saudis with more job opportunities, financial support, and professional development, the ministry said.

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