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Saudi prince gets 7 years jail, fine of KD10,000 over ex-Kuwaiti wife’s kids
April 17, 2018, 8:42 am

The Court of Appeal chaired by Judge Hani Al-Hamdan has sentenced a Saudi prince to seven years in prison and fine of KD 10,000 over the allegation of abducting his children from their mother (a Kuwaiti woman).

Lawyer Emad Al-Seif, representing the plaintiff, thanked the Kuwaiti judiciary for upholding justice.

He said the judiciary treats everybody equal and promised the defendant will be apprehended in Saudi Arabia to rescue the children and return them to their mother.

He noted the Criminal Court had earlier acquitted the defendant of the allegation but her client filed another case citing personal status between the man and his Kuwaiti ex-wife, indicating the woman could not see her children again.

Source: Arab Times

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