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Saudi policeman caught on camera kicking suspect
January 13, 2015, 6:05 pm

Police officials in the northern Saudi Arabian city of Hael said they had taken the necessary disciplinary action against a policeman who was filmed kicking a suspect.

A short clip showed the policeman kicking a man lying on the road near a pickup while two colleagues were tying his hands.The clip, most likely taken with a smartphone, was posted on social networks. “The police in Hael are keen on the full commitment of policemen to the application of law and on taking action against abuses,” Abdul Aziz Al Zunaidi, the spokesperson for the police, said.

“The incident occurred when the police stopped a Saudi national and searched his car. They found he was carrying some banned items. As he tried to escape, the policemen arrested him and handed him over to investigators. However, the action by one of the policemen during the arrest was not acceptable and the necessary measures were taken against him,” he said, quoted by local daily Okaz on Tuesday.

Most online users said that the policeman’s behaviour was not acceptable, but insisted that it did not reflect the overall attitudes of the police.Some bloggers called for sacking the policeman for his unethical attitude, while others said that only force should be used with people who broke the law.

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