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Saudi executes 47 terrorism convicts
January 3, 2016, 8:17 am

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday execution of 47 terrorism convicts, including one Egyptian and another Chadian, in various regions of the Kingdom.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior, in a statement broadcast by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA), said the convicts had adopted and promoted deviating religious thoughts.

They were also found guilty of having affiliations with terrorist organizations, executing criminal schemes such as bombing three residential complexes, bursting into one complex and attacking, with guns and hand-grenades, premises of oil companies in 2004.

They have been also convicted of plotting to attack a number of other residential complexes, contaminating public water, kidnapping residents, making and trafficking explosives and possessing various types of shells and rockets.

The charges include attacks on security and military installations, conspiring to undermine the national economy, the Kingdom's image and ties with brotherly and friendly countries.

Such schemes had been executed with storming the US Consulate in 2004, targeting Baqiq refinery in 2006, plotting to attack other foreign embassies and consulates.

They have been also found guilty of carrying out armed robberies targeting commercial stores and banks, fraud and deception, stealing huge amounts of money which they used to fund terrorist operations and inciting terrorism in brotherly countries as well as inciting chias and public unrest.

Source: KUNA

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