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Satish Sharma seeks to address business concerns of Indians
June 4, 2017, 10:12 am

Satish Sharma, a veteran of the insurance industry in Kuwait, and running a successful insurance business in Kuwait recently spoke to The Times about enhancing business and economic cooperation between India and Kuwait and providing a substantive platform for fostering and strengthening links among the Indian business and professional community.

Sharma whose family has been in Kuwait for over 6o years pointed out that a much-needed change was required among the Indian business community and to make a meaningful difference in the way they engaged in the greater interest of the community.

“There are a lot of concerns that are not being addressed and the need of the hour was to pro-actively engage with the businessmen so as to enable them to better convey their concerns and aspirations,” he pointed out

He stated that there were many critical issues facing Indian businesses and professionals operating in the GCC, and that it was necessary that businessmen were prepared to confront these challenges effectively.

The austerity drive sweeping the region, the upcoming launch of VAT in Kuwait and other Gulf nations, and the imminent introduction of GST in India, are just a few of the issues that could have severe repercussions on Indian businesses in the country, he noted.

“As businessmen and professionals we need to have a better understanding of these issues and how to effectively and efficiently tackle them through both in-depth and broad-based discussions on a common platform,” said Mr. Sharma.

“While big business conglomerates have a lot of internal strength to handle such issues, smaller self-owned businesses need to share and solve each others concerns.

Satish Sharma, who was born in Kuwait in 1952 and has lived his entire life in Kuwait, has for the past 40 years been associated with the insurance industry. He recently retired from Metlife, a global leader in the insurance industry, where he was the agency manager for the past 32 years.

He now runs his own insurance consultancy offices in Kuwait/Dubai/Delhi and Mumbai, and as such is well-versed in the business environment in most of the Gulf countries and India.

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