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Samsung’s massive 2-meter TV now on sale
August 10, 2017, 4:24 pm

Samsung’s gargantuan flagship Q9 TV measuring 2.25 meters (88-inch) is now available to purchase at online retailer BestBuy for only $19,999.99.

The TV features a 2,160p (4K) resolution, HDR, and built-in Wi-Fi. An addition $2,100 for a ‘geek-squad protection’ from BestBuy also provides five years’ of insurance coverage for the TV.

The Q9 is part of Samsung’s new QLED TV series the company announced at CES in January, touting it as the next step in TV evolution. Samsung says the QLEDs are brighter with better color reproduction compared to regular OLEDs.

If you are hesitant on spending $20,000 for a TV, remember that the biggest 4K TV money can buy is the 6.65 meter (262-inch) C Seed 262 from Austrian luxury electronics specialist, C Seed. The TV, which costs just $539,000, is also available with a ‘project management package’ that’ will cost an additional $38,500.

Though dumb TVs have evolved to become Smart TVs, apparently dumb buyers have only continued to regress.


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