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Samsung’s ‘Internet of Things’ begins arriving in homes
September 28, 2015, 4:19 pm

At the IFA 2015 exhibition held in Berlin in early September, Samsung unveiled a host of Internet of Things (IoT) for the home market, including a new hub to control connected gadgets, home and sleep monitors, and a smart washing machine.

The SmartThings Hub for home devices is built around a powerful processor that receives data from the various interconnected devices in the house and transmits only important information to the cloud. This helps to save the enormous bandwidth that would have been needed for 25 to 50 interconnected home devices communicating with the cloud on a continuous basis.

Samsung also announced its Smart Home Monitor. The device provides unified access and control against intrusion, and reacts to smoke, fire, leaks, floods, and other common household issues by delivering real-time notifications and video clips from multiple cameras via the SmartThings mobile app.

Another Samsung monitor, ‘SleepSense’, watches over you while you sleep. A flat disk that can be propped under the mattress, the device monitors your heart and respiratory rate, as well as movements during sleep, without having to touch you. The device also ‘talks’ to other devices so that when you go to sleep, it can turn off the television and lights, as well as adjust the air conditioning automatically for a perfect sleep environment.

Samsung also revealed its ‘AddWash’ washing machine. Associated Android and iOS apps let you remotely monitor and operate the machine, as well as receive a range of notifications straight to your smartphone.

The fact that there are so many Samsung TVs, computers and smartphones in the world gives them a definite edge regarding consumer awareness and brand loyalty.

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