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Samsung plans to launch bendable smartphones
June 14, 2016, 1:12 pm

Samsung is reportedly planning the release of two smartphones with bendable OLED screens next year. One model is said to fold in half, while another has a 5-inch display that 'unfurls' into a tablet-sized 8-inch panel. The phones may be announced as soon as Mobile World Congress in February 2017.

There are also reports that the next Galaxy Note may skip a version number, moving to 7 in order to align with the flagship Galaxy S range. The bendable phones, however, reportedly will not be Galaxy S models.; the initiative is codenamed Project Valley.

The Project Valley phones could escalate Samsung's showdown with Apple next year, which is rumored to be shaking up the 2017 iPhone model with a new 'bezel-less' design and a switch from LCD to OLED screens. This year's new iPhone is expected to be cosmetically similar to the 6 and 6S.

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