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Samsung fridges to be center of Smart Home
January 24, 2016, 5:19 pm

Samsung unveiled its Family Hub Refrigerator at the recently concluded Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Sporting a 55cm full HD LCD screen on the upper right outside door, the new refrigerator doubles as a communications center, allowing users to post, share and update calendars, pin digital photos and leave notes for others. Supporting Wi-Fi, the Family Hub Refrigerator has built-in speakers for music streaming and is also able to connect to Bluetooth wireless speakers. Users can view TV programs on the screen, using screen-mirroring with their Samsung smart TV.

Three interior cameras capture images every time the fridge door closes and send the stock of its content to the user's smartphone where it can be checked using the Samsung Smart Home app. The refrigerator, which also supports the ‘Groceries by MasterCard’ app, will allow users to buy and pay for their online grocery shopping at select retailers.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator will be available in the US in May and is expected to cost around $5,000.

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