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Samsung’s new smartwatch works without a smartphone
August 31, 2014, 2:13 pm

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics both announced new smartwatches, with Samsung displaying a wearable that works without a smartphone, and LG showing off a gadget that has a round face like a regular wristwatch.

The new Samsung Gear S is the sixth smartwatch model that Samsung Electronics has unveiled since entering the market last year. What sets the Gear S apart is its 2-inch curved display, which fits more naturally to the wrist, and its built-in support for 3G and Wi-Fi, enabling the wearer to talk and exchange messages without the need of a smartphone. It runs on the Tizen operating system.

Samsung will wait until 3 SeptEMBER in Berlin to provide details about pricing and launch dates to coincide with the IFA consumer electronics conference, the largest trade show of its kind in Europe.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics unveiled its new smartwatch, dubbed the LG G Watch R. Although this device needs to operate in conjunction with a smartphone, the wearable gadget has the stylish design of a high-end wristwatch, featuring a 1.3-inch circular display, a metallic body and a leather wristband.

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