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Sakeer Hussain Thuvoor says ‘IS’ is trying to destroy Islam
July 25, 2016, 12:07 pm

"‘IS’ is trying to destroy Islam by claiming to be establish Khilafat," said Kerala Islamic Group Vice President Sakeer Hussain Thuvvoor, delivering the keynote address in the program ‘Islam: between extremism and decadence’ conducted by Youth India Kuwait in Farwaniya Ideal Auditorium.

An excerpt from his speech, "Imperialist agenda has to be suspected behind  IS. There is no place for extremism in Islam. Islam advocates a balanced lifestyle. The atrocities committed by the self declared Khalifa are inhumane and denounces all the core values of Islam which are equality, freedom of belief, welfare of the people and justice. At a time when the state and media are trying to stereotype Islam with terrorism, some of the persons among those who are responsible to present the actual face of Islam indulging into extreme spirituality and running away from the social life is not justifiable."

"At a time when even the responsible Members of Parliament are trying to divide the people with venomous speeches, it is the responsibility of the Muslims to resist such divide with building relationship with the other communities, said Najeeb CK, Youth India president in his presidential address. Youth India Vice President Abdul Basith recited verses from the Quran. Haroon welcomed the audience. Youth India General Secretary Shafi Koyamma, KIG General Secretary Shareef PT, KIG Vice President Zubair KA, KIG West Zone President Feroz Hameed and East Zone Acting President Rafeeq Babu were also present at the event," He added.

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