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July 10, 2016, 10:49 am

A small and unassuming restaurant, nestled on a nameless, dusty street in Mahboula, Sabaidee is an exquisite dining destination for anyone with an affinity for Thai cuisine. The Tum Salad, a chopped vegetable salad with your choice of cucumber, carrot or long bean as the main ingredient, certainly gets the fires burning, but is certainly not to be missed. The mix of the vegetables, astoundingly fresh and juicy, infused with the hot red pepper is a delight for the palate. Finishing your meal in this acutely tidy restaurant, you are treated to a cored orange in a sparkling white dish, the perfect palate cleanser to call an end to this special outing.

Popular dish: Gai Satay, grilled chicken marinated in peanut sauce 

Location: Mahboula (6592 5355); Fintas (6996 6163); Salmiya (6996 6165); and Mangaf (6996 6161).


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