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SUPW activities organized in ICSK Junior
May 11, 2017, 4:48 pm

On Monday 24 April, the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) Junior students of Class I & II were taught to cover books.  SUPW aims to create awareness among the children to keep their books neat and tidy. The children learnt to cover books using old newspapers, scissors and glue. On the same day, the students of Class III were taught to make flowers with craft paper. The class rooms were decorated with beautiful and creative flowers.

On Tuesday, 25 April, Classes IV, V &VI as a part of the SUPW activity, students were provided with white square cloth, needle and thread.  Students were motivated to learn the art of stitching, which will prove to be useful as it comes handy in various instances. The students were encouraged to do the stitching and they seemed very enthusiastic in learning.

Activities like these are planned during SUPW classes to enhance the student ̓s skill, provide them with challenges and stimulate their work skills. The students showed excitement and enjoyed the work.

On Wednesday, 26 April, ICSK Junior conducted SUPW for kindergarten section. LKG and UKG children were given old newspapers to be crushed, after which they were stuck on different pictures.  This activity helped in improving their hand and the muscle coordination movement.

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