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STECI presents Gloria Night
December 16, 2018, 5:15 pm

St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India (STECI), Kuwait Parish presents 'Gloria Night' on Friday, 21  December from 6.30 pm at North Tent of NECK. Parish choir will lead the carol singing followed by a Christmas pageant by the Sunday school children.

The Christmas message will be delivered by the Vicar Rev. John Mathew. Latin translation, Gloria in excelsis Deo (Glory be to God in the highest), are the words that began the carol singing heard by the shepherds in the night of first Christmas. It is time again to commemorate the message passed on to mankind centuries back and to sing Gloria to the God in the highest.   Preparations are being done under the leadership of Vicar Rev. John Mathew, Secretary Mr. A.G. Cherian and the Choir Master Mr. Linu. P. Manikunju for the Gloria night. We cordially invite all to sing carols with us and to glorify God.


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