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STECI Kuwait Parish organized family picnic
November 5, 2017, 5:16 pm

ST. Thomas Evangelical Church of India (STECI) Kuwait parish conducted its annual family picnic at Ahamdi Garden Kuwait on Friday, 3 November . The picnic was inaugurated by parish Vicar Rev. Saji Abraham. Various fun filled activities for all age groups added excitement to this day-long picnic. A day of fun and frolic, a day to mingle and interact, a day for fellowship and a blessing to all who came and participated.

Secretary Boney K Abraham welcomed the members and their families. Under the joint leadership of the conveners , Jojo. V. Kuriokose , Laji M. Cherian, Kuruvila Cherian and the committee members coordinated the picnic and the various activities associated with it.  After a very hearty breakfast, programs continued with enthusiasm.

The day commenced with games for the tiny tots, and gradually moved on to the senior kids. Many games were organized for kids of all ages, and there were a variety of games for the gents and ladies. One of the major highlights of the day was the Tug of war, with the majority of the crowd joining to buck up the spirits of the participants. The fantastic display of power concluded with a nerve–racking finish, where the discipline and unity shown by the STECI family members was truly remarkable. After an energetic morning, the crowd gathered to have a splendid lunch.

This wonderful day with a pleasant weather concluded with a group photo session and finally the grand prize distribution for all the winners. The prize distribution was done by Vicar Rev. Saji Abraham and office bearers. Picnic Convener Mr. Kuruvila Cherian expressed vote of thanks. The participants were dismissed after the prayer by Rev. Saji Abraham. A remarkable end to a spectacular day.


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