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SPARSH presents a Talent Show with a Difference for Indians in Kuwait
March 1, 2015, 11:28 am

There are increasing numbers of talent shows that are initiated by various cross sections of our community, not to mention, inter-school (Indian) competitions etc. which harness talent in a limited manner. What SPARSH sets out to do, among other things, is to showcase talent in an inclusive way, done professionally, and most of all in a unique home-grown formula. Our primary focus is pooling the best available talent from within the community, and showcasing them in a form and process that has not been done before in Kuwait.

Application is open to all Indians between the ages of 8 to 18. You can apply if one of your parents is an Indian, or if you are a PIO (People of Indian Origin). This competition is an open to all.

There are four categories.
Solo Singing (150 Applications)
Solo Dance (150 Applications)
Other Solo Performing Arts (Musical Instruments / Mime / Acting etc.) (100 Applications)
Group Performances (100 Applications) (Minimum two and maximum eight applicants in any stream)

This is an open competition and the selection process will be based on the quality of each performance. There is no face-off as such.

An additional category (Adult Solo Singing) will be released at a later date for adults between the ages of 9 to 91. All auditions will be done through submission of audio performance via whatsapp. Only at the Finals will there be a live audition where a winner in each subcategory will be picked. However, they will not compete with the children and teen category winners in the Grand Finals.

Adult singing application will be divided into:
Indian Classical singing (33 Applications)
Indian Cinematic and Pop songs (33 Applications)
Western (33 Applications)

A processing fee of KD 3 will apply for every participant.

A total of only 500 applications will be printed and distributed through various outlets. Each category is assigned a fixed number of application forms. Candidates will compete in each category and through a broad selection process the best three from each category will be selected in the final round. The winning order in each category will be kept secret and the prizes will be awarded to them accordingly, only at the Grand Finale where all the winning candidates will compete with each other for another Grand Prize.

There would be 4000 KD in cash prizes aside from trophies and certificates.  * Prizes are for each category. All prizes are in Kuwait Dinars. Yes! The Grand Prize in the Grand Finale is KD 1000.

Vetting / Duration
The process of vetting includes submitting your performance through whatsapp audio for vocals (compulsory) in the first audition level. Submission of video performance via Whatsapp or email is optional in other streams.  Filtering is done through many rounds of eliminating leading up to Semi-Finals, Finals, and eventually the Grand Finale.  The entire process will take over 6 months culminating in a Grand Finale tentatively on the 4 December 2015.

Candidates have access to score cards from the second round onwards. All such information will be uploaded online for quick access.  This way, each candidate will know where they have fallen short.

To minimize bias of any sorts, all participating candidates will only go by their registration numbers. Judges will not know the real names of the candidates limiting any impartiality to race or creed. Names of the winning candidates will only be mentioned from the Finals onwards.

Applications will be available at Better Books (Salmiya) and Media Com (Kuwait City – Al Salam Towers – Opposite Panasonic Building).  All details will be available on and on 

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