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SPARSH - opening ICSK Senior students to morality-based education
January 15, 2017, 2:58 pm

The Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) - Senior aims at convincing and instilling moral values among students in this world.

 ‘SPARSH ‘is an activity initiated by ICSK Senior to sensitize the students to the sufferings and undue discrimination around them. Through this activity, students are encouraged to visit, share, contribute and understand the sufferings of the less fortunate. They visit old age homes, orphanages, schools for the disabled children, cancer centers etc. as a part of this initiative.

They make cards and sing and dance with them so that they can spread smiles on their faces. They distribute food, toys and clothing so that they can lend a helping hand to the disadvantaged people of the society. Short video clippings on their visits are screened and appreciated at the school to encourage participation by all. They also take up other socially relevant activities such as planting trees, elimination of plastics, cleanliness drive, conduct health education classes, organize seminars on hygiene for villagers and give classes for street children etc. Group discussions and seminars were also conducted as a part of this.

Sparsh – the value based activity envisaged and pioneered by Dr. V. Binumon, the Principal Indian Community School, (Senior) Kuwait was successfully presented on the 4 January, amidst enthusiasm and goodwill. The motive behind such a presentation was to inculcate strong values in the young students of Indian Community School. All the videos presented were original for its reference to the values which added to the quality of life. Every single video was exceptional in their depiction of the deepest involvement of the children in the activity chosen by them. The videos also deeply impacted the children in the audience in such a way that many were moved beyond words.

Three months of summer vacation were utilized to complete this project. It was not merely to imbibe values but also to improve other skills like confidence, body language, interactive skills, team co-operation and coordination which will enhance a child’s personality.

Evaluated by experienced judges who are sensitive to the cause of humanitarianism, the video presentation ushered in a new era of value based education. The Judges Ayesha Famy, Aasia Baig and Indira Radhakrishnan shared the views on upholding values in the exceptional endeavors of value based education.

 An initiative like this from ICSK has definitely helped the students evolve into better human beings with a mind set to ‘give rather than to receive’.

In the Senior Secondary Level, Venessa Emilia Suares of Class XII C secured the First position, the Second Position is shared by Abisha Abinesar of Class XI A and Sneha Sridharan of Class XI D. The Third Position is shared by Anikah Anna, Bertin Paul, Meril Susan, Thansiha Khatoon Class XI E and Anamika Anil Kumar Class XII B.

 In the Secondary Level, Alma Trisa Sunil of Class VIII A bagged the First Position and the Second Position was shared by two groups Sonal Ghosh, Amreen Amanullah, Cleona Fernandes, Breanne Banze and Eman Hashim of Class IX & Moses Kurien, Reshma Sarah Mathews,Rithika Raghupathy, Aleena Ann Daniel and Cliffton George Daniel of Class X A. Abhijit Satheesh of Class X C & Fiona Francis Fernandes of Class VIII B shared the Third Position.



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