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SIS students participate in a live storytelling program
January 12, 2017, 5:20 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS)’s 7th graders utilized the beautiful ground of storytelling set as part of their academic program with radiance. The student presenters began promptly by entering every junior class with a live storytelling program enhanced with gestures, powerpoint, videos and songs for an effective assistance persuading the receptors to get glued to their seats.

It emerged to be boisterous for the frenzied kids to get back to the ancient art of storytelling in this digitalized era. It is certainly undeniable not to have a profound effect on the listeners. In addition to sharing the fruits of their imagination, budding storytellers pitched in with an invigorating quest by the name 'Treasure Hunt' where students of grades 5 and 6 were prompted to assemble the concealed sequence of sentences that took various turns in their preplanned story.

This storytelling  performance turned into a critical component for the storytellers’ assessment in their evaluation process. Thus, the whole session changed to instill appreciation for the pursuance of the 'Art of Storytelling'. The Principal presented a handset to the English department for administering such an innovative learning project for the students of CBSE International Curriculum and lauded the students for their event-management skills.

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