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SIS students enjoy fun day out
October 16, 2017, 12:25 pm

Bhavans Smart Indian School (SIS) went on an excursion to Aqua Park and Messila Water Village. It was carefully planned by Adventures team. They  were  given charge of the safety of the students.

The students of the class four to class eight  assembled in front of the school ground after which the Adventures team took the students to their respective buses.

During their bus journey, the students enjoyed games and music as well as snacks. After reaching their destination, the students  relished a good breakfast.

The children excitedly rode the slides and played to their hearts’ content. Lunch was served in the afternoon, before they went to the wave pool. Later, the students left the parks with ice-creams. Students settled in  their respective buses and were given snacks for the evening. The bus  halted in front of the school premises at 2.50 pm.

The day was a great experience filled with sweet memories. Students also thanked the Principal, teachers and specially the Adventures team for the enjoyable picnic.

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