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SIS raises cancer awareness
February 24, 2018, 1:58 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS) organized an awareness program on the life-menacing disease, cancer to a gathering of students of classes 5 to 8 accompanied by the staff in the auditorium on 20 February.

The oncologist - Dr. Susovana Sujith Nair, visited the school to provide information and advice on the disease. The session explained the formation of cancer from the term ‘tumor’, the classification of cancer according to the level of its hazardous impact on the body and the preventive measures adopted to avoid the disease. Various misconception of cancer were also dispelled.

The oncologist also reassured the gathering that there were various cures for cancer and patients in remission could live healthy lives. She stressed on the four various ways people can get cancer and the causes of the disease, and the discussion included four factors that comprised of External, Internal, Occupational & Environmental and Social & Psychological. The students actively participated in the question and answer session from their prior knowledge about the topic. The Principal, Mahesh Iyer thanked the medical practitioner for giving the gathering valuable knowledge.


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