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SIS paves way for a new experience
March 9, 2017, 3:09 pm

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School (SIS) undertook a field trip to Kadhmah Bottling Plant as part of National Science Day on 28 February. Coupled with a creative assembly on that day the students were full of energy as they travelled together escorted by their teachers to the Desalination of Sea Water plant.

The overview of the functioning of the plant and its osmosis and reverse osmosis by the Principal Mahesh Iyer at the school premises before boarding the bus enhanced the students’ learning. After a security check at the venue, the students were guided by the staff of this Bottling Plant – Mr. Anand and Mr. Mansour.

The guides did an excellent job of explaining the steps involved in the process: Blow Moulding, Rising and Filling, Labelling and Date Printing and Packaging. They were generous enough to impart knowledge on the Reverse Osmosis machine, huge filters that filter and purify the sea water and as they gave out samples of pre forms and packages of water bottles and dolomite each one jumped out in a great exhiilation of joy.

The question and answer session by both the guides after the visit to the plant enlightened them further and all returned to school with a new experience. The school management is grateful to the project leader of the plant Ali Al Odwani.

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