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SIS organizes play competition
January 29, 2018, 4:28 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a Drama and Theatre competition on 23 and 25 January with the participation of grades 7 and 8 respectively in the school auditorium. The students of grade 7 performed their chosen plays with enthusiasm to excited spectators. The class was divided into 4 groups, which had different subjects that highlighted topics such as truthfulness, propriety towards oneself in behavior, sincerity and empathy.

The enactment of the plays elucidated the messages to the audience through dramatics and action.  The audience had a good time, laughing uproariously to the life the players had managed to bring on stage. The participants demonstrated great zeal through their sprightly movements, innovative narrations, vivid voices and utilization of props to present wondrous plays. The two groups that bagged positions were applauded for their efforts.

The students of grade 8 grouped into two teams diverged into American experimenter of allegory and symbolism, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘The Great Stone Face’. The message on the story’s symbolism in the notch, humility of the protagonist Ernest in quest of the long unanswered prophesy and the longing to behold the prophesied hero in spite of the hurdles.

These were some of the greatest values the great literature had bestowed to the students on stage. The keynote of the enacted short story had persuaded the viewers to love the magnanimous works of great authors.  The second day of the competition ended with grade 8 awaiting their results. The organizer the English teacher Ms.Daisy thanked the Principal, Mahesh Iyer for supporting the different types of competitions that are organized with an interest in students’ development.

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