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SIS organizes Science Workshop
December 7, 2016, 5:17 pm

The Smart Indian School (SIS) believes that exposing the child to hands on experience creates a path to express his abilities and passion. Keeping this in view, the Science department created a platform  where students of grade 3 to 6 were given priority to participate in the discourse on ‘Communicable Diseases’ by renowned Dr. Qurutulain Raza Zaidi, General Practitioner serving in Primary Health Centre, Salwa under the Ministry of Health. The event took place on 1 December.

It marked the beginning of a lesson for students who are attending a lecture on the subject matter related to medicine and diseases. The session was comprised of PPT, Quiz and a demonstration on the dissemination of germs through transmission. The guest lecturer was very good and helped students understand the diseases, their ill-effects and the remedial measures. The one-hour session was fruitful as the workshop served as a symbolic reminder and as an eye-opener for the attendees to ensure cleanliness in their day to day life.

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