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SIS observed Kerala New Year – Vishu
April 15, 2017, 2:50 pm

The Indian teaching community of Kerala is proud of their legacy of amazing cuisine and Vishu was the time for them to prepare traditional meals and enjoy them with their Smart Indian School (SIS) family.

‘Vishu’ the Hindu New Year festival is one of the most auspicious festivals known for many rituals such as ‘Vishukani’, ‘Vishukaineetam’ and ‘Vishu Sadya’.

The Indian community of SIS celebrated with guests from other different communities as a family with enthusiasm on Thursday, 13 April. The members celebrated a fresh year with special outfits that brightened up the school with an impressive array of colours. SIS was full of laughter and merriment when the benevolent Chairman N.K. Ramachandran Menon surprised them with a visit during the family reunion that marked the celebration. He commented on the importance of Vishu in making life a celebration. It was gratifying to see the humble Chariman receiving a coin from the Principal Mahesh Iyer during the ritual called ‘Vishukaineetam’.

Then, the highlight of the day commenced which was the traditional vegetarian feast ‘Sadya’ served on plaintain leaves displaying the cookery skills of the SIS teaching fraternity. The 2-3 varities of payasams  together with all the dishes of flavor and typical mixtures of spices were served to make ‘Sadya’ delicious and then, the visitors enjoyed buttermilk to help digestion and to complete the meal. The entire SIS family cherished the time spent with one another.


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