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SIS holds Food Fiesta for students
November 23, 2016, 4:05 pm

With over fifty attendees, Smart Indian School held a food fiesta on 10 November which was organized by the 3rd graders in the school premises.

The festival invited all food lovers to taste their delicious food and desserts.

The students presented the culinary extravaganza in their own unique way coupled with variety of different nationalities’ cuisines under one roof like Sushi from Japan, Chaloy and Kadhai Cholai from Pakistan, Italian Pizza from Italy and several Indian delicacies as Vegetable Samosa, Rava Kesari, Idiyappam, Karjikhai  and more from the diverse states of India.

Each student had come prepared with menu cards highlighting the philosophy of their own nations’ cooking show.  

The program was aimed at facilitating the students to recognize and represent the culture of their diverse nations through food.

The session was graced by the Principal, Vice- principal along with the facilitator of grade 3 - Mr. Illiyas who ushered the Fiesta with a formal invitation followed by a speech by a student.

The program found a complete triumph in fulfilling the thematic study of the month.

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