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SIS celebrates Kindergarten Day
May 7, 2017, 4:38 pm

The kindergarten wing of the Smart Indian School (SIS) celebrated 20 April in marking the anniversary of the creator of the concept ‘kindergarten’ by Friedrich Frobel.

Frobel created kindergarten for the play and activity institute as a social experience for children to make their transition from home to school smooth. His goal was to ensure children received the care and nourishment before they began their learning experience.

At Smart Indian School, the concept is well executed and the children are nourished with knowledge through the process of play and exploration. The day began with children being introduced to the values of kindness and innocence through visual clips .Then, they participated in a role-play that explained how to conceptualize the same in their daily lives. The teachers blessed their students with pop-up card, which were imprinted with little buds. The young learners enjoyed their fun and frolic on that day.

What started as an idea in a small town of Strasbourg became the foundation of standard learning in an eminent institution as ours, which has stood the test of time and proven to be an incredibly important part of the formative years of the little sparkling kindergarteners.

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