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SIS celebrates Indian Constitution Day
December 1, 2016, 1:02 pm

Smart Indian School celebrated Indian Constitution Day on 28 November. The celebration was coupled with an oath of allegiance to its mother nation.

The department of Social Studies achieved its objective of involving everyone to participate in the proceedings of the day.

The day launched several competitions such as picture coloring for grades 1 and 2, a puzzle assemblage for grades 3 and 4 and a framing of Classroom Preamble for grades 5 to 7. 

The framing of preamble was executed by the artists set a replica of the same found in the Constitution.

The coruscating collage on the importance of the day along with the architect of the Constitution - Dr.Ambedkar’s grandeur, displayed in a prominent position on the bulletin boards, manifested the never ending mixture of creativity and inventiveness of the students.  

The day ended prompting the students and teachers to look forward to the constitution’s guidance and to pledge their loyalty and fidelity to it while residing in the second mother land -  Kuwait.

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