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SIS celebrates Diwali festival
October 22, 2017, 12:53 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS) had its celebration for Diwali on 18 October in its school premises with the succession of programs conducted colorfully by the heart winning beauties of different wings of the school. The school commemorated the day by channelizing and cherishing 'Green Diwali' with a motto to hold fast to the eco-friendly dissemination of lights and stressed the various customs of the festival from time immemorial.

The kindergarteners enthralled the audience with their artless expressions through their skit that portrayed the deities from Ramayana. The skit with expert dance sequences highlighted the spirit of Diwali and strengthened the notion of a ‘safe’ Diwali. The grade 1 students organized a special assembly consisting of a graceful dance session that played on the significance of a safe Diwali.

Graders 4 stunned the audience group of grades 3, 4 and 5 with their passionate program that rightly showed off their talents. The one-hour program included a skit, solo dance as well as a group song and dance. The focus of the show left a lot for the audience to think over and put into practice. The 8th graders’ program, their debut French song as a choir, was the highlight of the day. A video clip focused on the predominance of joy on this day of light more than the mere festival, paved way to internalize ‘Green’ Diwali in its truest sense.

The day ended with the powerful message of the Principal who condensed it in two lines; to keep the good thoughts and good works going in all possible ways and from all possible sides. “Let noble thought come to us from every side”.


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