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SIS celebrates 71st Independence day of India
August 16, 2017, 12:33 pm

Bhavan’s Smart Indian School (SIS) commemorated the red letter day of India’s history on its school premises on Tuesday, 15 August with great zest and zeal.

Festooned with the tricolors in and around the campus, the day began with the prestigious flag hoisting ceremony coupled with the reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who made the calling of 'Free India' possible. The student council saluted the day’s auspicious moment by marching out in procession with a rhythmic thunder bang’s accompaniment by alluding to the resonating symbolization of triumph over the shackles of slavery. The unfurling of the flag by the Principal displayed its pride in India’s liberation.

The revered day was marked significant when the patriotic songs, recitations, thematic skits, quizzes and a street play and dances by the students and staff echoed the auditorium while mesmerizing the audience. The amazing skit by the students of grade 5 showcased the pride in India’s liberation. The highlight of the program was the scintillating song in Hindi (Hindustan Hamara Hai meaning  ‘India is our country’ ) sung in one accord evoked emotions in the hearts of all  and paved way for the true meaning.

Reviewing the patriotic ties towards our homeland - India, the Principal Mahesh Iyer emphasized the enormous privileges that each Indian experiences at the cost of the persecution that our forefathers underwent under the colonial regime.

The Principal’s speech also echoed the gist of the Indian President Ram Nath Kovind’s address in India that marked the day of celebration. He also stressed on the contribution that the expatriate community must render to Kuwait in order to strengthen their bilateral ties for many more years to come. The colourful commemoration thus had its conclusion with the distribution of sweets.

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