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SIS SEWA Project: Irrevocable Impact of Inventions in Interpersonal Values
February 5, 2017, 3:32 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a retrospective project under the course SEWA for the students of CBSE International Curriculum. The goal of the study was to encourage familial ties over electronic gadgets and the project served to push for involvement of both parents and children.

Parent community was familiarized with this strategy through a circular and they partook actively in shunning away the electronic gadgets for an hour to establish kinship with their children. Some of the feedback sent by parents were heartfelt like “ we understood that our children  want to share many of their thoughts with us ”, “The family members understood each other by interacting and planning for an outing ”, “how much we are misusing our electronic gadgets forgetting our family values’’ and others. Hence, the whole agenda saw a fruitful turn in driving parents to build cherished moments with their wards.

The feedback received bought gratification to the school in helping them to see the difference now and then on the familial ties. SIS salutes those parents who were happy to participate in this project and  bond with their children.

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