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SIS KG on educational field trip
September 23, 2017, 4:03 pm

The upper kindergarteners of Smart Indian School (SIS) were taken on a field trip with their teachers to the Carrefour supermarket on 18 and 19 September. The teachers discussed with the children about the fruits and vegetables on display, and taught them facts such as the different ways vegetables are grown and the kind of nutrients they are filled with.

The supermarket experience improved the critical and thinking skills of the children, as they had an opportunity to learn about different foods. The display of colorful fruits and vegetables throughout the market prompted the children to explore their various shapes and colors.

The market staff had kid-centric lessons ready at the produce section to explain to the children why fresh food is vital for their health. The children were able to understand the concept of healthy living with this educational field trip. The important lessons filled the children with a new enthusiasm for healthy eating. SIS believes that children can be empowered through fun and creative lessons to promote wellness and healthy living.

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