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SIS K-Tots experience the joy of kite flying
January 14, 2018, 1:33 pm

Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a kite making and flying activity on Thursday, 11 January to help children enjoy the outdoors. The students had a magical thrill to launch a kite up and into the air. Some of these kids held a kite in their hands for the first time. Once the kids figured out how to get it flying, they began to master the challenge of keeping the kite in the air, and maybe even learn a trick or two.

Through flying a kite the teachers explained to the children how wind and weather keep the kite flying up in the air. The little children were excited to fly the kite, which also helped develop hand and eye coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and gross motor skills.

Kindergarteners enjoyed their annual kite making day and had fun while learning to play.

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