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SIF Kuwait organizes Children’s Science Congress
November 21, 2017, 3:44 pm

On the 17 November, Science International Forum (SIF) conducted an innovative program called Kuwait Children’s Science Congress. It is a platform for children to showcase their scientific knowledge and their analytical skills. The exhibition started at 9:00 am with an inaugural function. The speech given by the chief guest and the judges were truly mesmerizing. They spoke about the ways a scientific experiment is usually conducted and the ways in which we can turn an idea into an innovation. After this they had the prize distribution ceremony for Ignite, which is a science writing competition.

The students and teachers then dispersed and went to their own stalls to prepare for the judges, who passed around reviewing the projects. The child scientists were then made to display their projects in front of people, who had come to this mindboggling event. The students were also supplied with mouthwatering food, and complementary tea was given to everyone.

After a few hours the child scientists had to go through a viva session in which judges would ask relevant and tough questions to the students. Some of the groups were blissful and jolly while melancholy filled the air for some of the teams that left the viva session. But this session was very important to the students as it helped the students to focus on the area were the young scientists needed to improve and correct.

The Indian Educational school had groups in both the Senior and Junior category. The junior category consisted of yet another two groups. One of the junior groups had done a project on the topic soap nuts. They stated that the modern generation needed to replace the polluting chemical soaps and detergents with eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic and non-toxic soap nuts, which is a multipurpose cleaning agent that can be reused up to six times. The other Junior group’s topic was the production of non-caloric sugar using Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni (Sweet Tulsi). They felt that this is a boon for diabetic patients. They also believed that using sweet Tulsi has superior properties than many artificial sweeteners. 

The senior group did a project about Microbeads something that many people are not aware of. They talked about the devastating impacts of microbeads on the environment, the solutions and the things we as citizens can do. The topic is one of the many pressing issues in our world today since microbeads are found in various cosmetic products. All the innovations exhibited dealt with the most pressing issues, which include the environment and health. Each team had done a lot of preparation prior to the exhibition. The teams had to do surveys, experiments etc. Every step of the way they gained a lot of scientific knowledge.

KCSC is a way to exhibit scientific knowledge and aptitude. It needs a lot of research, understanding and experimentation of the topic. It also develops a sense of curiosity in the minds of budding scientists since they get to observe and at the same time experiment on several topics. It also teaches students how to conduct a scientific study which will be beneficial for the future of the child. It also gives children exposure. It teaches them to analyze every problem and then come up with a solution, instead of directly coming to conclusions.

By Natasha Fernandes, 10B

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